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SEAI - Energy Show

Executive Creative Director: Des Creedon

Creative Director: Niall Staines

Art Director & Lego Builder: Mikey Ryan

Copywriter: Niall McDonnell

Account Director: Amy Satelle

Account Executive: Emma Ward

Photographer: Matthieu Chardon

Studio Assistant: Leah Byrne

Editor: Paula Rolden

Photographer Assistant: Adam Elder

Retouchers: Zoltan Kuti & David Picquenot

Animation: Mark Murray

At this year’s Energy Show, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland will showcase how businesses are coming together to be part of Ireland’s climate action solution. To raise awareness of the show, we chose ‘Building Climate Solutions Together’ as our creative theme.


Inspired by old Lego instruction manuals from the 70's and 80's, we wanted to show how we could transform old businesses into the modern era with some simple sustainable additions that can help change our country for the better. 


The versatile brick allowed us to have full control over what we wanted to create. From building different types of businesses, include multiple sustainable solutions such as Solar panels, Electric Vehicles, Electric Charging points, Solar lighting, and Heat pumps. It also allowed us to seemingly add people, making changes, into the piece in a natural way. 


Our in-house team, Bolt! brought the build to life using stop motion animation to create assets across all digital formats.


This visual was brought to life using elements from 9 separate Lego sets that consisted of nearly 5,000 bricks.


*No bare feet were hurt in the making of this ad.

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